Glow Puff


Second in Comand -


A neon yellow, unlesse glowing at night. -


Glows in the dark. Can the change the time of day or sky (daytime or nightime)Brightest Puff at night. -


Food, Money, -


Nature Puff, Purple Puff, Time Puff -


Aqua Puff -

Favorite Foods

Pizza. Shushi -

Least Favorite Foods

No information -

Main Job

Being in charge of stuff, Or teaching archery at the "Mster" level -

Favorite Place to go

Puff HQ

Glow Puff is second in comande of the Puffs and is also in charge of alot of the military stuff. It is not determand weather Glow Puff is a good Puff or a bad Puff because of his strange power it has not been decided officialy if he is on our side.

Early YearsEdit

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