The Last Batle was the final event in the Puff timeline. It was the the most violent batle in all of Puff history, with so many cashulaties the Puffs then didn't know if they whould ever recover.

How it StartedEdit

Finaly Light Blue Puff is almost finished her cure for Puff rabeis wich will be x50 stronger then the power of 100 Pink Puffs, but the Black Puffs have found out. They start by organizing a huge army to take out the main gates of the Puff vilage, and more then 100,000 ships to take out the L.A.W.S. Puffs Protection units (they found about that too). They were determined toget the vacine and destroy it as well as Purple Puff and then take over the human world.

What we didEdit

No one knew about the Black Puffs knowledge, so they weren't prepared for the first phase of atacks (the atacks were in phases) When the first alarm sounded Purple Puff, Glow Puff, and Nature Puff were with light Blue Puff testing the vacine. Glow Puff knew what they wanted, about 5 seconds later part of the ceiling caved in they could see helicopters, bombers, explosions, and all kind of chaos. Glow Puff told everyone to get down, Light Blue Puff instead took a silver case that looked indestructable put her hand on a scaner and a panel on the wall opend, she put it put the case inside what looked like an elavator, closed it, then she scaned her hand again. They herd the panel locking into place and then herd the case being sucked into the ground a way from the Black Puffs.

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